The Siren of Tirena

Planning a summer vacation is always a lot of fun.  Being on a pirate galleon during that vacation is even more fun.

Along the Dalmatia Coast in Croatia you can rent a boat called the Tirena.  This accurate replica of a pirate galleon is only 8 years old and is completely made of wood.  It is placed in dry dock every year and refurbished.  It can hold 200 guests, comes with a crew of 5 and has been the location of many a wedding.  Every year the Tirena is host to over 5000 guests.

The pirate galleon Tirena that sails the waters of the Dalmatia Coast

The pirate galleon Tirena that sails the waters of the Dalmatia Coast. © Photo by Florence Ricchiazzi Lince

Imagine coming into Dubrovnik port on a pirate galleon!  The over 1 million tourists who visit this city will be taking pictures of you as you are taking pictures of the city. This past September on a beautiful day in Croatia we used the Tirena to explore some of the 13 islands that make up the Elafiti Island chain. Only three of the islands are inhabited.

On the Island of Lopud there are several fortresses, 10 monasteries, and an art school for painters.  They also have 36 churches!  Croatia is a very Catholic country and churches can be found in abundance in every city and on every island.

The Island of Sipan is the largest inhabited island of the 13. This island has 42 palaces, 34 churches, a rector’s palace and the remains of Roman villas to explore.  We made brief stops on each island but on Sipan they have two docking ports (one on each side of the island) and it was the second port where we docked and then had lunch at a local restaurant.

Scattered on the other islands, which do not have any fulltime residents are 20 lighthouses which can be rented out and lived in for periods of time. They drop you off; come back every day with fresh food and any other items that you need (and to check on you of course).  Most people rent them out for a week at a time.  They would be considered a little more ‘rustic’ in accommodation standards.

Rent this lighthouse by the week

Rent this lighthouse by the week. © Photo by Florence Ricchiazzi Lince

Service on board the boat was very good. We had unlimited coffee, tea and other beverages. Around 10:00am or so the cook had prepared apple strudel for us and it was served warm. Yum!

Croatia is a beautiful country and everyone talks about the Dalmatia Coast as being Europe’s playground because of its wonderful beach’s.  Our playground this day was on the Tirena and “Aye mate, it was a right fun day at sea”.

Mike and me with the Captain of the Tirena

Mike and me with the Captain of the Tirena. © Photo by Florence Ricchiazzi Lince

Florence Lince

(First published in Grandparents Day Magazine (Australia) by The 6 Monthers, summer 2014)



    1. Croatia has been such a great surprise for us. Never did we imagine that we would enjoy it this much. And we have made some really wonderful new friends. The people here are warm and friendly, there is a lot to see and do and the quality of life is very high. If we didn’t have so many places that we wanted to live in we could be very happy here. I will say it is wonderful to know that we have so many great choices to live in if we decide at some point to give up the vagabond lifestyle and plant roots.

      Maybe in 10 years or so…

      Thanks for connecting.


    1. I am not a fan of being on boats but this one was an exception. If you have a beautiful sunny day the view of the coast line is spectacular. Such a fun time. We will miss Croatia that is for sure.

      Thanks for connecting.


  1. This is such a wonderful opportunity to be one of a small group on a large galleon! This looks like a beautiful day, too! Thanks for this selection of photos, I always feel like I am part of the adventure, Florence! Take care and hugs, Robin


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