You Say Potato, I say Patato

Everyone loves good food and wine.  However not everyone agrees on what constitutes good food and wine.

I love white wine.  My husband prefers red.

My favorite wines of all time came from Don Pasquale winery in Juanico, Uruguay

My favorite wines of all time came from Don Pascuale winery in Juanico, Uruguay. © Photo by Florence Ricchiazzi Lince

I prefer to eat Vegan or Vegetarian when I have too, and my husband eats everything including meat dishes.

Some people think that food smothered in sauces, be them cream or red are the way to go.  I say yuck.  I want plain and simple food.  I want to be the one to add salt, pepper, or other alternative spices to my food.  I don’t for heavens sake want my dish smothered in mayonnaise which is very common for some reason in a lot of the Latin American countries.  We are still trying to wrap our heads around that one.

Simply the best empanadas I've ever eaten came from Santiago Chile.

Simply the best empanadas I’ve ever eaten came from Santiago Chile. © Photo by Florence Ricchiazzi Lince

The best overall wine I have tasted in all my years of travel came from Uruguay.  The best white wine I’ve tasted came from a little family owned winery in Croatia.

Because we want to live like the locals it has been easier for us to simply shop where they shop and to buy local fruits and vegetables to cook our own meals.  Eating out is incredibly expensive depending on where one goes and since costs are a factor in how we live we tend not to want to spend a lot of money on food.  We recently asked a group of brothers who were visiting Rome where they were eating during the day since the food was so expensive everywhere and they told us McDonalds!  Can’t do it; we won’t patronize junk fast food places.  We’d rather use our funds to travel some place new and meet new people.

I shop at local farmers markets in every city we have traveled too and lived in.  Nothing compares.

I shop at local farmers markets in every city we have traveled too and lived in. Nothing compares. © Photo by Florence Ricchiazzi Lince

Now, we aren’t starving, far from it.  We’ve tasted and sampled some of the best foods in every country we have gone too.  We have shared meals with locals and asked them what their favorite restaurants are and what their favorite dishes are.  Everyone loves to share their thoughts and recommendations on good food.  They want you to experience and appreciate the quality and the expertise of the foods in their culture.  We haven’t been to a country thus far where someone we asked about their favorite food in their country and they tell us to eat at the local foreign restaurant.  Like no one in Rome said to eat at the Chinese buffet.  No one in Mexico said to eat at McDonalds!  No one in England told us to eat Thai food but we found an awesome place anyway.

Best white wine I have ever had - really.

Best white wine I have ever had – really.  The winery is Toreta on Korcula, in the small town of Smokvica. © Photo by Florence Ricchiazzi Lince

Food is the reason we have the energy to keep traveling and to keep wandering the streets.  Food is also common ground for the start of great conversations and it can also be the basis for making new friends.  So here’s my salute to good food, good wine and the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Florence Lince



  1. Hey there Florence!! I’m glad to hear that you’re still lovin’ the vegan thing. I guess I gotta do some roughing up on Mike about it still – hehe! I do admit that I’m with Mike on red wine, however. White wine is just not my thing. Celeste 🙂


    1. I’m trying. It isn’t always easy. There are so many wonderful cheeses to try. To be fair sometimes I worry Mike isn’t getting enough protein with all the walking and luggage carrying we are doing so I remind him to eat – gulp – a hamburger once in a while. So don’t beat on him too badly. I guess I am an enabler.

      Thank Paul for liking my posts. I appreciate it.


  2. I always prefer red wines, but love Sangria and Lambrusco. The sweeter wines… Anyway, I am the one who puts condiments, like mayo, on many things, along with spices and sauces. I am sure if I did not do manual labor, the weight would be creeping up on me again! I went through a phase in my 40’s where I gained over 40 lbs! I lost it my last years of teaching, but I really should continue to be careful of my veins and arteries, hope they aren’t getting clogged up with those bad foods I consume! You are a great writer and I enjoy your posts. I will always be grateful for the photos you take that really enhance the stories! Smiles and a hug, Robin


    1. Thanks Robin. I appreciate your comments and your review of my photos. I’ll have to add more to my posts periodically. I seem to let Mike post the photos on his blog. I think it’s because I post so many photos on FB and other social sharing sites. That and at times I think the photos detract from the blog story or article I’ve written.


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