Whose Quote Is That Anyway…

Create Your Own Voice

I’m not sure why people use famous quotes from other people.  You’ve seen these quotes.  For example, people use the oft quoted travel axiom “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page” attributed to St. Augustine.   They use other famous quotes from others on blogs and on their websites and even on business cards, and I always wonder why.

I started my own blog to have my own voice.  Our company motto for The 6 Monthers: “Don’t make an impact, make a difference” is something I created.  It’s not a statement from someone famous or some obscure website of famous quotes.  I am an intelligent and competent woman.  If I was going to have my own brand and my own blog shouldn’t I be able to create my own motto?

The same holds for creating the content on my blogs.  I have several blogs.  I think most people really need several blogs to talk about the issues and the topics that mean the most to them.  Not everything fits under the mantle of my first blog which is about Travel.  However I find the lines get blurred sometimes within the content on that blog as well. For some reason I think photos in a blog story take over the story, so are you a blog story or a photo essay?  That is why many of my blog postings have no photos, and I take great photos!  The photos should supplement the story; they shouldn’t be the story unless they are the story.

My second blog was created to deal with questions and feedback people have about our lifestyle as The 6 Monthers.  That blog is direct and topic specific.  My travel blog flows to whatever topic and rant I feel like.  I have a third blog going just for sponsorships and brands.  And I’m toying with starting a fourth blog to deal with social and civil rights issues because these topics mean a great deal to me.

My audiences for each of these blogs are also incredibly different.  People seek out blogs for topics with like minded spirits.  I know I do.  I tend to gravitate towards blogs that have a social conscience or photo blogs of real people dealing with real adversity.

Creating one’s own voice therefore takes many forms.  Be it a motto we stand and live by, or a blog where we pour out our passions, we are creating our own voice.  Isn’t it time to also stop quoting someone else and create your own memorable and ever lasting quote?   Try it.  It might not be as hard as you think.

Florence Lince



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