Blogs and Income, the Dream

Not all bloggers make an income from blogging.  In fact statistics say that less than 10% will ever make an income off of blogging and even then they make less than $100 a month.  We don’t make an income from blogging.  Well we haven’t yet.  There are tons of articles on how to monetize one’s blog and I will admit I have begun to work on doing this with my main blog and with all subsequent blogs that Mike and I have.  It takes work; effort and even follow through in order to monetize one’s blog so anyone who tells you that they started a blog a month ago and they are making thousands of dollars a month blogging isn’t telling you the truth.

Blogging for Mike began a year ago as a mean’s for him to have something to do, not because we were interested in monetizing.  It is a nice idea but it wasn’t the reason behind his blogging.

Getting paid to write blog posts is possible but again it takes lots of research and dedication to find the right job and to find out what the right costs are.  Are you worth $50 an article or $100 or $1000?  Would you be surprised to find out that some people will write a blog post for $10 or less?  Do they value what they offer or do they think so little of what the competition has to say that they feel they can charge peanuts for content?  There are arguments on both sides of this issue.  It is called free enterprise and one learns to deal with these tissues as they arise.  If I didn’t have a blog would I even know that this issue exists?  Most likely not and I’m not sure I would care.

Mike and I have been offered $50 for writing blog content for someone else’s blog and after figuring out how much work it was to write the content and how much of our time it would take away from us being able to build our brand we just didn’t feel it was a  good use of our time.

I began blogging because I needed to vent and rant about travel and other issues; this lifestyle isn’t always easy on a woman and if nothing else I have given voice to my thoughts.  If we can figure out ways to capitalize on our blogs we will but it won’t happen overnight.

So we continue to evolve and figure this thing out and we continue to find ways to monetize our work.  We know it will take time and patience and inventiveness.  We are after all one travel blog in a sea of travel blogs and everyone is trying to figure out their niche and how they are unique.  Funny thing is I don’t feel or think I even sound like anyone else.  My blog and my experiences are my own so how could my blog look or sound like the next guy’s?  As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t and it can’t.

I guess that is the trick with blogging.  Do you have something to say and is anyone reading?  If my readers disappear would I continue to blog?  The answer for me is yes.  First and foremost I am blogging for me.  I am blogging to give voice to the topics and thoughts that matter to me.  If money comes from such an endeavor I guess I will be living the dream.  You might want to check back with me…in a year or two.

Florence Lince



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