Wearing of the Green

I don’t own anything green in color anymore to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.  I don’t have red to wear on Valentine’s Day and I don’t have pastels  to wear on Easter.  We have downsized so much that we don’t have special clothing in special colors that we would wear only one day a year.  Life is very streamlined now.  If it isn’t practical we don’t carry it or pack it.

I used to have a pair of Christmas themed earrings for every day of the month that I wore from December 1 to 25th.  I would wear a different pair every day to work and everyone loved it.  I don’t have those earrings anymore.  They went to charity long ago and I haven’t missed them.  In fact since I don’t carry any jewelry with me my ear holes have closed up and I don’t think I could wear earrings anymore anyway.

We have downsized so well that everything I used to have that pertained to holidays is gone.  I used to have boxes and boxes of items for Halloween (my favorite holiday!) and Christmas.  Mike and I would move 25 or more boxes filled with holiday stuff every time we moved.  It was hard to give up my Halloween stuff.   I had some great decorations but I realized that I hadn’t even taken them out of their boxes in the last few years that Mike and I were in the US so why was I moving them from home to home?

It’s also sometimes hard to keep up with all the days off people get in every country.  We see family and friends back in the US talking about their long weekend on Facebook and we scratch our heads and wonder what the holiday is that they have a long weekend for.

In fact we don’t really celebrate any of the nations ‘holidays’ like we used too and we don’t even know when they are really.

We walk the streets in some of the countries we live in and find shops and cafes shuttered on days when they are usually open but because it’s some holiday or festival time they are closed.

We therefore enjoy all the holidays we can find and we take part in all the festivals and parties we can in every country we are in.  After a drink or two no one really minds that we aren’t ‘wearing of the green.’

Florence Lince




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