Stop Vacationing and Start Traveling

I have been traveling internationally since the early 1980’s.  In my time traveling meant visiting new places and meeting new people.  Today the hot thing to do is to vacation.  Vacationing is where people land in a foreign country and take up residence in an All-Inclusive resort.  They never have to leave to eat; drink; swim; be entertained, basically they don’t have to leave for anything, and they don’t.  The only thing they have done is have their passports stamped.  They then show this stamp to family and friends and tell them that they have visited a foreign country.  Knowing this I always ask people where they visit and what they saw when they landed and if they can’t give me real stories about real people I know they just vacationed and did not travel.  And yes, their credibility with me goes way down.

People vacation because they think it’s safer to be in these all inclusive resorts.  I get that.  But if you are going to voluntarily imprison yourself behind walls why not do that within your own country?  Why fly somewhere when you can find a five star resort right in your own backyard?  You aren’t seeing any of the foreign country you are in anyway so why bother?   Your own country most likely has beach’s and five star restaurants and five star hotels where you can make spa appointments and hair salon appointments and more of what goes with the pampered lifestyle. You don’t have to learn a foreign language to get by either.  I don’t get why people fly somewhere foreign to sit at the pool or to eat the same food they can get at home for an additional cost.  If you have that much money to waste I’ll give you my bank account information and you can make a deposit anytime.

Okay, not a surprise that I’m not a fan of these All-Inclusive resorts.  They stop people from really getting to meet and see another culture and country.  I didn’t get my passport to have stamps placed in it to show family and friends all the places I’ve been.  I got a passport to meet the people of the world and to experience what this planet has to offer.  All those pretty pictures that are in guide books and in National Geographic I want to see for myself.  Happily there are people who travel to travel.  Mike and I meet them everywhere we go.

So stop vacationing and really start traveling. There is more to see and do in every country than can be found behind the walls of an all-inclusive resort.  If you are not comfortable with this idea then just stay within your own countries border but stay at those spectacular five start hotels and beautiful beach’s and fancy restaurants in your own cities or even in another state.  At least you won’t be behind prison walls, which is no way to spend your hard earned vacation.

Florence Lince


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