The Value of a Good College Education

During our recent exploration of the University City of Granada I was reminded of a truly special gift given to travelers; that of free entertainment!  I knew this of course but periodically I have to be reminded of avenues to look for fun things to do that most travelers don’t have the time to check out.  In fact this might surprise you as well.

As we strolled down the streets of Granada recently we heard chamber music wafting towards us.  Knowing that the school of music was near we figured that we had found a group of students in rehearsal or practice mode.  In reality we happened upon a free chamber concert.  We entered the venue, sat, and spent an enjoyable hour listening, all for free.

Called the Musica de Camara for the Semana 2014 at the Real Conservatoro Superior de Musica de Granada and nestled in an open air court were the flutist, oboist, bassoonist, clarinetist and a French horn player.

© Photo by Florence Ricchiazzi Lince

The students performing a selection of songs by composer Max Brauer. © Photo by Florence Ricchiazzi Lince

Sometimes I need to be reminded that colleges and universities offer entertainment to the masses as a showcase for their students.  I have attended performances in the past at several schools.  I have seen the musical Cabaret performed at UCLA’s school of drama; endured the play Reservoir Dogs with all its grittiness; and sat in on several student written productions offered during the semesters.  I have attended these plays in cities such as Buffalo, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Olympia, WA; and now in Granada, Spain.  Not all these offerings are free to attend but the costs to see them are set at student pricing and therefore cost way less then attending a full stage production on Broadway.

If you plan to spend any length of time touring or vacationing in a city with a college or a university check out their websites or stroll to the campus and check out the bulletin boards and look for concerts, plays, or even sporting events that you might like to attend.  You never know when the travel memory you will remember most might be the one you happened upon for free.  I for one am glad that students with so much talent attend college and that they like to perform.  I’m an appreciative audience, someone who has come from a long distance to see them perform, and if they are good I will also be the one applauding the loudest.

Florence Lince



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