‘In-10-Cities’ of Spain, a Recap and a Video Salute

When we arrive in a new country we look forward to all the places and things we will see and experience.  We pack as much into a day as possible and no matter how hard we try our time in these countries goes by in the blink of an eye and its time to say goodbye.

It is when I sit down to create my recap videos that I stop to look at the thousands of photos I have taken.  It is during these times that I am always reminded of a fun outing that we took, a great food that we tasted, and some of the nice people that we met.  It is not easy to select the photos that speak to us the most about our time in a country or a city but I’m incredibly pleased with the results of this video.  For every city we visited I selected eight photos I think captured the essence of that city highlighting the treasures it had to offer.

In order of appearance the cities we visited over the last six months were;








Pilar de la Horadada



I was incredibly pleased with the music selection I was able to find to accompany this video.  The song, Rumba Alemana, performed by El Perez, tells a story about Spain as well as any dialogue could; it is filled with a vibrancy, hope and fun; all of the attributes we found from the country, and its people.

We have already begun the process of saying goodbye to those who made our time here in Spain easier and more memorable.  From our local neighborhood grocer Marlene; to our favorite internet café owner Jesus; to our apartment owner Coral and to new friends Ruth and Mick who made our tours of Pilar de la Horadada, Seville and Cordoba so much more fun, we will miss you all.

   Florence Lince





  1. Fabulous video Florence – and what a beautiful tribute to your time in Spain. You and Mike are certainly a great example for all of us of how to embrace life and new cultures. Wishing you all the best on your journey home. ~Terri


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