Wanted: A Boss With A Good Sense of Humor

Come this August, and for the first time in 3 years, I will be looking for work.  We have been traveling internationally this whole time.   Because a resume is a list of jobs one has held and its death they say to have gaps in your employment history I know for my resume I’ll put those 3 years down as life experience.  During our time away we traveled to 4 continents and over 24 countries.  I have photographic and video proof of where we’ve been so when a job recruiter tries to search for proof of my claims they will be able to see it on my YouTube channel.

I’m rethinking the traditional job search thing however.  I’m going to approach my job search like I am planning a really great vacation.  I have come to realize that work is a lot like travel planning.  You pick the occupation you are interested in, you plan how to get there, you gather the resources you need to get the job done and you go and enjoy your time within its walls. 

No longer is a job someplace that I need to be just because.  A job is to help me get the resources I need to keep traveling.  We won’t be buying a home when we get back to the US, we will rent so that we are free to move around if need be.  We won’t have a car to further burden us so that we can experience how the locals live by traveling by bus or walking everywhere.  We won’t be buying groceries or supplies in bulk but we’ll live in a small apartment with very little furniture and we won’t be going on shopping splurges to fill closets with items we can’t pack into a suitcase.  Ever present will be the life on the road mentality where we can pack up and go when vacation time comes and we’re not stressed out about having to protect the valuables we leave in our apartment because there won’t be any valuables in our apartment to worry about.

I therefore need a boss who knows that I’m going to work hard.  I’m going to be one of the hardest working people they have on staff because I’m also going to be the employee with their eye on the main prize, my vacation time.  I need a boss who has lots of projects they need done because I’m a fantastic multitasker who can plan, organize and facilitate events and projects better than most and I’m not shy about knowing my worth to an organization.  My work history is filled with my success in a myriad of industries. 

There might be gaps in my employment history because of the all the travel however I think in many ways this has only sharpened my employment skills.  I know the real worth of social media to a business and I know how to generate it.  I know the real worth of life on the road and how to get others excited about travel.  I know that working hard can lead to travel to fun and new places.  Mostly what I have learned however is empathy; I have learned about different cultures and its people and what their struggles and concerns are.  I can talk to people in a very different way from many because I have lived with and among them and my perspective on things is different than most.  To many businesses this should be of huge benefit.

Therefore if you have a job that you need a highly motivated employee for contact me; if you have a job that others have tried to master but failed at contact me; if you have a job that might seem too wild to contemplate then contact me.  I need a challenge; I need a new adventure to sink my teeth into; mostly I need a boss who can see the value I bring to their organization.  I have about 10 years left in my working life, longer if I find the right job and the right boss.  I know the right job fit is out there for me just like I know that I’m not done traveling yet.  I guess what I really need is a boss who likes getting post cards from great travel destinations.


Florence Lince



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