Encore, Encore

Sharing Part Two of my time with the owners of Encore, Chocolates and Teas.

Lean, Mean and Vegan

*This is part two of my visit with Dean and Carla Jones from Encore, Chocolates and Teas. Part one was posted on my Reflections blog and can be foundhere.

When a visitor enters Encore, Chocolates and Teas the number of tea jars is of course the first thing that strikes you. It is when you begin to tour the store that the chocolate isle beckons.

Everyone loves chocolate. At least everyone I know. Mike likes white chocolate and I love milk chocolate. Because of my new vegan lifestyle however I was wondering what I was going to do about my sweet tooth, which strikes periodically.

Thankfully the shop sells not only boutique chocolates but the incredibly hard to find raw chocolate much sought after by Vegans. To be a real raw chocolate the chocolate is never heated over 108 degrees, it is gluten free and has no refined…

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