My name is Florence Ricchiazzi Lince. I am the wife half of The 6 Monthers.  We try to live in a new country every 6 months.

My husband has a great travel blog;  Applecore.   I do all the social media for us as a couple, but I found that I too needed time to vent, and rant about what life is like for a woman to travel constantly.  It’s not all roses and sunshine.  I’m here to deliver the unvarnished truth, and my personal observations, about life and travel in all the places we visit around the world.  I will post updates on Sunday’s and Wednesdays as time allows.

I will post pictures and slideshow videos from time to time.  This is after all a travel blog.  🙂  I hope you will feel comfortable here and will want to share your thoughts, your opinions, and your rants.

This is the second of two blogs that I am writing.  My other, Expat C.A.F.E., is where I answer those questions Mike and I receive from people interested in knowing the nuts and bolts of our lifestyle.  Those answers, written as blog posts every Tuesday and Saturday, also become links on our website, The 6 Monthers.  If you have any questions you would like answered we hope to hear from you.

Florence Lince



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